Time is so precious, to you and I,
the powers of which, no man can deny.
Time to heal, time to survive,
to learn the ropes, to go on and thrive.

But time can be stolen, in the worst of ways,
alienating a child, from their daddy days.
Once it is stolen, it cannot be returned,
the worst pain of fatherhood, no man couldv’e learned.

The clock echoes loudly, across an empty room,
any sign of happiness, my pain will consume.
Time to be brave, to stand up and fight,
or sit here in sorrow, another sleepless night.

I am still here my boy, doing what I can,
to save you from heartbreak, to protect my little man.
I’ll still stand here fighting, and hopefully we’ll see,
That one day my son, we’ll be happy, just you and me.

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