New road safety network project

A new project that I am about to embark on is BeRoadSafe. A road safety and awareness network for individuals and organisations throughout the UK.

The project will include features such as a Resource Library, News & Media Centre, Community Forums and Service Finder fully accessible to all of its users.

Users will be able to register for the service as part of one of three tiers depending on whether the account is for an Individual, Organisation, Educational Establishment or Social Enterprise. Membership levels will provide access to specific community tools and allow the user to carry out different actions on the service.

The payment gateway for membership will be provided using Braintree client and server SDK integration powered by PayPal to ensure that all payments are securely encrypted.

Using a combination of Maps JavaScript API from Google and my own server side PHP script, members will be able to share, promote and find out information on events locally and nationally based on their preference and location detected by Google’s Geolocation API.

When will this Project be launched?

The BeRoadSafe project is due to be launched in the Summer of 2021.

How can I keep updated?

You can keep updated on this project by following @BeRoadSafe on Twitter

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