Every website owner understands the value and importance of Google Analytics. It allows us to monitor our web traffic, what people do on our websites, it tells us who is visiting our sites, their location and even what device their are using whether it’s a desktop, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone, it even tell us what model your phone is and what mobile network you use.

By using WordPress as a Content Management System, the tracking codes used to enable this can be injected into each part of a website without the need for any form of effort. WordPress also allows us to install cookies onto each device that visits our sites.

These cookies, which are automatically installed when you visit a website, can tell us quite a bit about you. The main this it tells us is if you’ve been here before. Website owners like myself, also install software on our websites that enable a few other files to download in the form of a Cache.

Our servers provide us with the IP Address of every visitor we have. This allows us to monitor users specifically.

For example, what I know about you;

Your IP address is
To visit my website, you are currently using :
CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

Website users should take note of this information because, as website owners… we can see you, we know quite a bit about you and we do track your online activity (when using one of our websites).

But it’s not all bad news! All website owners, like myself, are entitled to hold your data but must comply with GDPR (Website owner? get advice on writing a GDPR compliant privacy notice). You can, at anytime, request that a website owner provides you with a copy of your data.

For more information on how I use your information and how you can access it, please read my Privacy Policy.