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Man Down

With a small team of volunteers, I am preparing to launch my latest venture, “ManDown” as

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Time is so precious, to you and I,the powers of which, no man can deny.Time to

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In the UK, one in three victims of domestic abuse are male. Less than half of them report the abuse to the police.

What is ManDown?

Due to my own experiences with “the system”, I have teamed up with a small group of domestic abuse victims in order to create ManDown, a support network for men and children to be able to reach out and gain support to which they cannot do with the very professionals that get paid to do so.

My story, along with the stories of Aiden, Lee, Nathan and Callum (names changed to protect identities) will feature in a series of interactive publications involving real-life footage, audio and communications between victims, perpetrators and professionals to help others understand the gender-targeted abuse that is rife within our society when we think about domestic abuse.

Within the UK, 75 percent of suicidal fatalities in 2022 were men. For men under 50 suicide is the biggest cause of death.

In the UK, nearly 40% of children live without their father. 200 children lose contact with their fathers each day in family courts.

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